Round 2

Well the first two laps of my first SoK is over and now I finally enter into the final lap. In the first month I had finished with the design of the site but it was just plain and simple HTML/CSS and as we all know that is not enough. So the next question that arises is – what do we need ? And the answer to that will be a framework.

As my aim is to make a site that will be used for a long time and to enable that editing and updating information should me made easy and hence I have used wordpress to enable the same.

This months main challenge was to convert my HTML/CSS webpage into a wordpress theme. As I am a newbie to wordpress hence it was quite a humongous task for me but I as successful at the end. I converted my theme and imported all the old news on to my wordpress instance.

Click here to get a look at the site now.

As you might correctly notice that there are some images missing in the latest article section. That is the area I am currently working on. Once that is done then 99% of my task will be completed.

My only regret is the lack of communication between me and my mentors this month. When I am stuck at certain issue I remain stuck for a long time till I somehow complete it.