SoK 101

There are two rules that I should abide by while doing my Season of KDE:
1. Write a monthly blog.
2. 2nd rule is not to talk about the second rule 🙂

This is my first SoK and hence I am equally excited and motivated to make a niche for myself with my work. The task allotted to me was to finish My task was to use a WordPress theme and finish the site but I am not a big fan of WordPress themes. So I decided to make my own theme and thankfully my mentor , Jonathan Riddell was on the same page with me. Thus began the first lap , thinking and coming up with a new design.

This was really a challenging task for me. So I came up with a design but it was too dynamic and flashy and hence that idea was nipped in the bud. So I had to come with something that was flashy but in a controlled elite manner. This is what looks like :



The images below is how the theme that I designed looks like:

p2  p3

p4 p5

This is just a snippet of the index page for getting a better feel please click here.

The featured tour is something I had to give a lot of time to design. Rather than reading an entire page about it , users can just slide through all the main features thus making it easy to access and a cool way to show off :).

I have almost finished the design of all the tabs that are present in the except the news. I have eliminated the javascript problem that was there in the downloads page. Now the site works fine even with the javascript disabled.

The main problem I am facing is designing attractive and non clumsy widgets for social media sites. It was a cake walk creating the twitter widget, but facebook and googleplus is making me cry out loud. I would really appreciate if I get some help/suggestions to resolve this issue.

The main part of the site like, the framework, all the tab contents are completed . But the news/blogs page creation , converting  the entire design into a WordPress theme is left, which I plan to by December and then finally would search engine optimize the site.

This was the end of the first lap. This being my first SoK I am enjoying every moment.


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